Monday, May 4

Baby time!

As many of you may already know- we had a wonderful doctors appointment today to check the progress of this very cute but stubborn baby of ours. As we waited patiently in the doctor's office the nurse came in and checked the heartbeat and checked my blood pressure. She said- "Whoa- that's not good" and said that my blood pressure was very high. The doctor then came in to check everything and said that we had two options. 1- Get induced today or 2- be on bed rest for a few days to get my blood pressure down and wait for labor to start on its own. Well......hard choice- we weighed the options. (Which of course there are possible complications with each) and decided that well....We are having a baby today!!!! When one o'clock rolls around (30 minutes from now) we can call to see if there is room for us at the hospital....(today is a popular "have a baby day") So- wish us luck!!!!