Tuesday, February 15


Happy Valentines Day to my sweetheart! 
I have the most amazing man EVER. 
He is so handsome.
He is breathtaking.
He is attentive.
He is understanding.
He is intelligent.
He is godly.
He is enduring.
He is hilarious.
He is ambitious.
He is productive.
He is dedicated.
He is manly.
He is kind.
He is willing.
He is considerate.
He is compassionate.
He is kiss-able.
He is gentle.
He is immovable.
He is forgiving.
He is helpful.
He is loving.
He is warm- hearted.
How lucky I feel....

Sunday, February 13


#13 reason is because he is Optimistic. He always reminds me how grateful he is for the things he has, and when I am looking down on life, because something goes wrong he always reminds me of what we DO have, and what I should be focusing on instead of the bad. He is such a good example to me. I love that I can count on him to make me feel better, he is never a downer. He is always smiling and making the best of any situation.
Our little monkey at only 2 weeks old.

Saturday, February 12


# 12 Reason is that he is SO SMART. I always have very dumb questions about something I see or read about and he can always answer them. Most of the time I can tell he wants to laugh at me for not knowing already, but he holds back and just answers me sweetly. He knows so much about cars it is ridiculous. Often, he knows a car's problem without even looking at it. He has a definite skill with cars. Along with being smart I want to add that he is very ambitious. Looking for ways to help our family. When he gets an idea in his head, he goes with it and doesn't look back. He does very well in school, while working full time, and maintaining the house and all the finances. Whew, he really is amazing.
Wedding! (look at that hair!!)

Friday, February 11


#11 Reason why I love my husband is how much he loves to spend time with us as a family. He has never been one to go out with friends all the time, he doesnt even go out to lunch with his work friends. 
Kevin usually takes his lunch at noon, but since I have class at noon he waits until I am out of class to come home and have his lunch. He loves to see his little monkey for lunch.....or just any time he can. 
He likes to even go grocery shopping with me, JUST so we can be together. 
He is a little cutie like that.

One of our engagements.

Thursday, February 10


I received a letter from the ISU Dental Hygiene school, and I am among the top 50 applicants. 
Really, its not that great- but I am one step closer to getting into the program!
I get to go for an interview and critical reasoning test on March 4th. 
Final 26 (ish) will be notified by April 1st!
I. am. so. excited!! 
I am sooo nervous!  
What am I going to wear?! What am I going to say? How am I going to prepare?? 
Gosh, I just wish that I was in the program already!!!  
 I'm so ready for 21 credits the first semester.
I am so ready to eat sleep and think about teeth.
I'm so ready to have ZERO life.
I mean, who wouldn't be?

On the tenth day.......

#10 reason why I dearly love my man is because he is so Patient. He never loses his temper. 
Actually, I have never ONCE heard him raise his voice. He is constantly helping when I am frustrated or something, he asks how he can help. 
When Kinlee purposly "spills" her juice on the floor he calmly tells her to go into the kitchen and do not do that again. 
When she wont eat her dinner, he patiently waits with her while trying to convince her to eat. 

While we were dating....I think he looks so sweet in this pic. I always have to ruin it. haha

Wednesday, February 9


#9 Reason I love my man is that he supports me in whatever it is I want to do or accomplish. No matter how dumb he thinks it is. Like for instance, when I started couponing, he HATED it, but he still supported me in doing it (of course now he thinks its the best thing ever;) 
Another example is when those bead watches were really in style, so of course I want to get all the beads I can, and make them all the time, and give them as gifts, and buy buy buy. Well, this one he kept telling me, this is a fad that you are just going through, but thats ok, you can do it, it just wont last long. He was right, it didn't last long, but it was fun while it lasted because he supported me in it.
Another example is when I started crafting, with my moms Cricut. I kept saying how cool it would be to have one, even though I was only using it maybe once a month, he still bought one for me, and continues to buy me things that go to it. 
It is just really sweet that no matter my ambitions, he supports me. 
He supports me financially, and emotionally. 
He makes me feel like whatever it is I am wanting to do is worth while and that he is proud of me. I love it.
When we were dating, I'm actually pretty sure this is the night we got engaged, but B4 the engagement.

Tuesday, February 8

Four times Two

Coming up with creative names for these posts is a real challenge. ;) 

#8 Reason is that he doesn't make me feel like a bad wife when dinner isn't made and the house isn't cleaned. Instead, he just asks what we want for dinner, or starts picking up. I'm not sure if that is a passive-aggressive way of telling me that I need to get on it, but I doubt it. He does it, it makes me want to get on it, and it gets done. Even though I know it should be done, and I am getting better at that, he never has made me feel like he thinks I should have it done. I appreciate that, and it really motivates me to be better at it.
While we were dating again. (it's another cell phone pic)

Monday, February 7


#7- This is going to sound dumb, but I love that he has never EVER said a bad word. He is so good about that. He corrects me when I say "stupid" or something silly like that. He works in the automotive world, and is around nasty, dirty minded men all day long who drop the F bomb all day long and he never has said even the slightest bad word. Honestly, he has such a clean mind it is unreal. I LOVE IT! I love love love that I can trust that he is just as clean without us around as he is with us around. I never have to worry that Kinlee is going to pick up on something he said or he will "accidentally" slip up. There should be no reason to worry if you just don't say things you shouldn't be saying! 
This was before we were married, but I am pretty sure we were engaged? Cant remember.

Sunday, February 6


#6 reason is that he honors his priesthood and is so wonderful at his church callings. I am grateful that he is able to be in the Elders corm and serves so diligently. He makes a great counselor to his president. He attends the meetings, he finds teachers for the month, he figures out who needs home teachers, he meets EVERYONE at church and is involved in making them feel welcome into the ward. 
He is able to give blessings, he is a home teacher, and just an all around great member of the Church.
Another very old cell phone picture. This was Kinlee at about 2 weeks. We decided to take a family photo:)

Saturday, February 5

High Five

#5 Reason is that he is an AMAZING dad. Kinlee adores him and cannot wait until he gets home. She yells "Daddy!!!" when he comes home. She calls him a few times a day. He is always there to greet her with a huge smile. They play so cute together. They act like puppies, they build forts, they build towers and knock them over, they play with her kitchen and make pretend food, they laugh, they watch movies, they run around, he tickles her, reads her books, teaches her EVERYTHING. He is such a cute daddy, I couldn't have asked for a better father for my kids.

(this one I thought I better have one of the two of them)

Friday, February 4

Fourth on my list

#4 Thing is how sincerely sweet he is. I can honestly say I have never met a more caring person. He things of others non stop. Never is concerned about what HE is going to have for lunch. He is concerned about what Kinlee or I are having. He will come home sometimes and make OUR lunches before he makes his with his hour long lunch break. (I realize I should have lunch ready for him, but I don't get done with school until 1:00- excuses excuses I know) 

Seriously, though, I am so lucky to have him as my hubby. He is not like most husbands, he doesn't do what husbands are supposed to do. He is so darn sweet. 
He leaves me notes. Like today for instance, he left me a note that said "Good luck. I love you." Because I had a test this morning I was really nervous about. 
He scrapes my windows in the morning, and shovels me a walkway to my car. 
He switches my parking pass every time we switch cars, I would totally forget to do that if it weren't for him. He packs the bag for Sunday at church for Kinlee. 
He changes more diapers than I do. 
......the list could go on FOREVER.......

Ok, but now I am getting into more than I should. I am giving away how much I DONT do. He is amazing. 
(this is a cell phone pic- no judging)
This is while we were still dating!

Thursday, February 3


#3 Reason why I love my hubby! He gets so mad when I torment him. Like if I tickle him or pinch him, ya know the whole flirty stuff you used to do when you were dating stuff. 
He HATES it. 
More than anything. 
Its hilarious when I do because he pushes me away like I was so mean to him. Okay, maybe not EVERY time, but most of the time he freaks. Its so fun to tease him!! :)
Oh yeah, and lastly he always acts like he is going to puke when I have tickled him too long.
He just barely did that exact thing. BAHAHAHA
All the pictures of us on "casual" days are horrible. But that's why I'm having fun posting them. Because they aren't things I would normally want people to see. haha. 
This is from a date night a few months ago when we went walking around the temple.

Wednesday, February 2

Numbero Dos

#2- I love Mr. Meudt because he calls at least 3 times in a day when we are away from each-other. 
Once in the morning to tell me to have a good day. 
Once before he comes home for lunch to make sure I will be there to see him. 
Once in the middle of the day, usually just because. No real reason. 
Once when he is on his way home. No real reason there either except to tell me he is on his way home. 
I love that. Even IF we have NOTHING to say to each-other, we still talk that much. Love it. 
Not only does he call that many times, but I for some reason I don't answer, he leaves a message for me to get. Usually it says Hey, its Kev. Just calling cuz...........love you bye. 
Oh, he is cute.

This picture was back in the day for our very first Easter together. 
We were building cards for our Mommas for Mom's Day!

Tuesday, February 1

14 Reasons

14 Reasons why I love my husband! 
Leading up to Valentines Day.

Random thought in Chemistry: I want my husband to know how much I love him. Like really, why do I love him. What can I do to show him? I just want to post something each day that tells him why I love him. I will also post a picture of us together within the last 4 years of us knowing each other. Anywhere from dates, to engagement, to wedding, to now! (whew...that's a lot of photos haha) This should be interesting!!

#1- He is always moving. Such a hard worker. He never stops going going going, therefore, he gets a LOT done in a single day. I never feel like I have worked harder than him. He is always helping me around the house or with Kinlee. He is the 1st one up, and the last one to bed. I appreciate the work he does at home as well as what a good job I know he is doing at his work place. They love him there!
This actually wasn't long ago. I don't know the exact date, but it was within the last year.