Friday, November 11

Long time ago.

Trying to clean off my camera disk I found these pics of the shower I threw for Wendy a while back. 
I loved it, wish I could do another one sometime soon, but I am too crazy.  :) 

Do you really wanna know?

This is the reason I haven't blogged in a reallllly long time....

My homework is taking over my life....seriously.

Wednesday, July 27

Off to a good start!

I thought it would motivate me to post my progress with this whole weight loss thing....I guess we will see if it really does help.  I started Friday with eating well and running every day. I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day with no snacks. I even tried out new "healthy" recipes and LOVED them. So did my family. I have ran 3.25 miles every day since then. (ok, really a run/walk) I have actually felt really good, and I am so much more "lively" during the day. I would say I'm not as lazy or as bored during the day. I have gone from 150 lbs Friday to 143.9 today. I feel great about the progression, especially since I have only been dieting for 5 days. I know that it comes off a little better at the beginning, but I'm hoping soon I can run more and eat even better! I need to get a picture going, but I don't think I'm to that point yet, I cant let people see what I look like until the end:)
Wish me luck to another week!!

Thursday, July 21

How'd it get this far?

I feel horrible saying this, but sometimes I will look at someone overweight and thing to myself "how did they let it get that far?" or "Why don't they just do something about it?"  Not realizing that I, too am in that category. I am overweight and I am not doing something about it. I don't know their circumstances. I have NO idea why people are the way that they are, and how horrible is it that I have been one of the worst to judge. I have always been self conscious about my body. Even when I was in the best of shape- I felt like I was fat and ugly. I guess that's a young girl thing. But NOW, now that I am a mom, getting older is already going to take a tole on my body. Eating horribly and not exercising isn't harming ANYONE but ME! I want to appologize to anyone who may take this post the wrong way. I am not trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves. I just know for me, I am not happy the way I am. If you are- and you can enjoy yourself then I think that is wonderful and amazing and I wish I were more like that. Anyway- I am a perfectly capable being, and I CAN do something about it- but for this whole time I have chosen not to do anything....I eat candy, chips, soda, cookies, brownies EVERYDAY...I choose to watch tv over going to the park. Just some of my weaknesses, but let me tell you here and now that I WILL loose some weight. 
Enough with that blah blah blah...

My goal: Loose 20 lbs in 6 months.
How I am going to do it: 
I will make working out a regular routine.
I will not "diet"- I will change my eating habbits. 
I will choose NOT to watch TV all day
I will go and play with Kinlee outside and run and jump and play like I am a kid again:)

Who's with me? I have to make this change and cannot wait for the "OLD ME" back. 

Thursday, July 7


We have gone camping nearly every weekend since the end of may and are loving it!
Week 1: spent with Kev's fam at the KOA in poky. His mom and Ben, Grandma and Grandpa, and Corey and Lauren came up for most of the time.
Week 2: spent by ourselves at Indian springs and met up with my aunts and uncles and my gma
Week 3: spent up scout with the Fish's and Grovers. The Watkins came up for smores.
Week 4: spent up scout with the Horrock's.
Week 5: spent 4th of July weekend up scout with my family. My mom and dad, grandma,whit, and the girls.

Here are just a few pics of the past few weeks.

Thursday, June 30

Where does she come from?

I got to thinking the other day.....Kinlee says a lot of things that make me in complete awe. Like where the heck did she learn that? She has her own language basically. There are so many things she says that just make me laugh so hard. Here are a few because I don't EVER want to forget them.

Wait, before I get to the words she just barely did something super me. Im sure its not funny to anyone else....but here it is anyway. 

I have some chocolate candies in the fridge because they melted, and Kinlee is always in the fridge getting things out. She came in with one of the candies and asked if she could have it. I told her no, that she wouldn't like it.(it is dark chocolate and she has tried it before and didn't like it) I went and got her a different treat and she ate it up. A couple minutes later. (as I was sitting here getting ready to blog) She came in with one of the treats from the fridge and said, "Mommy its not gross, I like it. K?" Like for approval to eat it. I started laughing so she did too. Then a few seconds later she came in with ANOTHER treat and said "Mommy, I got you a treat. Here, I'll open it for you."  What a sweetheart right?  haha 

Ok, on to the words...
Dinosaur = Dowjen
Ice cream = iven
Princess = Jajii
that one = Dona 
Tinkerbell = tincleberr
clap = **** (the "F" word) 
blanket = deentee
hot dog = doggadog
glasses = glasglas

There are so many more things I wish I could remember just from last year...I will add to this as they come to me!

* When we get in the car and its hot...Kinlee covers her mouth with her hands and says "Ah, its so hot. Turn on the A.C!" in a state of panic.
* Whenever she does something like spill her water, or pee in her pants, or something that she knows isn't ok and she accidentally did, she says in the CUTEST VOICE "I'm sorry mommy I spilled my water (or whatever the offense was)." No getting mad at her after that:)
* She sings ring around the rosies and sings it perfectly until the "pocket full of posies" that point it sounds like the F word. Its awful that I think it is funny and cute, but it sure is.
* When we go camping she freaks out about the hot fire.
* Twinkle Twinkle little star is her very favorite song and she sings it so cute. She sings every word almost. She sings it as if it never it continues forever and ever.
* One of her favorite things to say is "I had it first" drives me nuts. But most of the time it has no relevance. I will be doing her hair and she says "No mommy I had it first. I had it first." I have no idea how she got that one.

Saturday, June 18

Fathers Day

I have the most awesome Dad in the world. I sure do love that man. What a great example he is to me. Thanks dad for everything. (even though he wont ever read this)

 Kevin is also the most wonderful dad. Kinlee loves spending time with him and gets SO excited when daddy comes home from work. He is such a hard working dad, and so selfless. 
I am so grateful to have such wonderful men in my life. 
Kinlee wanted to say something to dad.....
uhfudsisufdsduiuiu htgjtghgttguriro

Translation: I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!

Wednesday, May 11

I REALIZE I suck at blogging :)

Well of course since the last post a lot has come and past. 
I will take it in chronological order...


Easter was way fun this year because Kinlee had so much fun dying eggs and going on egg hunts.
Saturday we took Kinlee to an egg hunt at the park and she was able to snag a couple eggs. It was funny to watch her because right when she found the first one she opened it up and sat down to eat the candy. She only needed one to make her happy:)  

From there, we went up to the university church where they held a really fun little bunch of activities for the kids. They had hot dogs, peeps, cinnamon rolls, and sugar cookies to eat. They had stations for coloring eggs, decorating baskets, frosting sugar cookies, chicks and bunnies to pet and hold, coloring pictures, and a couple others. It was a great time. 

Next, we went to my parents house to dye eggs. The kids had a great time with that!!  We had more lunch (sandwiches) and just hung out. 

Last, we went to a "Walk With Christ" at the Alameda Stake Center. This is a life sketch basically of Christ's life on Earth. They created skits, videos, and scenes to help portray the life he lived. It was beautiful. I enjoyed it so much and really learned a lot. 

For Easter morning Kinlee woke up to a basket that the Easter bunny had left her. She got "Cars" the movie, new panties, CANDY, and a few other misc. things. We dressed her in her new dress and she looked so adorable. 

At church I was able to teach the Easter lesson for the girls in Young Women's. I just love my calling. The lesson I gave was a silent lesson and we just watched a DVD with tons of powerful clips and music. The spirit was so strong and I could really tell that the girls were able to get something out of the lesson. I too learned a great deal about the Savior's life from that lesson and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to teach that day. I am grateful for the real reason we celebrate Easter. I know he is risen, and I truly cannot wait for the day that he returns to us. 


We built a raised vegetable garden a couple years ago, but never got around to doing anything with it.
FINALLY, we decided to get it done. We started with the wire stuff to keep rodents out, then put the mesh weed barrier down, and then hauled literally a TON of dirt and viola! Its beautiful!!

These are our awesome starters. Since it has been so cold outside, we got impatient and decided we needed to plant our crops inside:) we will show the starts after they are planted outside, but they are doing GREAT inside!!!

KINLEE'S 2nd Birthday!
Kinlee is so stinkin spoiled!!  

Starting with a couple days before her birthday- Kevin's Grandparent's from Maryland came to visit and brought a truck load of goodies for the birthday girl. She got tons of new accessories for her doll. She got tons of clothes, garden tools, and tons of fun toys to play with.
But....thats not all
We had a family birthday party for the munchkin on her real birthday which was May 5th. 
We had cafe' rio burritos/ salads. They were delish.
We had brownie and ice cream sundes for desert.
A couple days after we held a little party for the friends she has made in nursery. 
We ate chili dogs and salad. They played on the trampoline, played outside, and just enjoyed each-others company. We ate cake and ice cream for desert, which was also good. I forgot to pass out the cute little goodie bags to the kids:(  That was too bad.
Here are a few pics from the week.

We are so lucky to have such great family and friends to spend time with. We love you all so much!! 
Thanks for celebrating with us!!


Such a fun day to celebrate the wonderful Moms in this world. We had a really wonderful lesson in Relief Society about sisterhood and visiting teaching and the beauty that comes from serving. It was a really great lesson. The priesthood leaders taught all the classes in Young Womens, primary, and nursery so everyone in the R.S could attend. It was so amazing to see how many sisters are in our ward and see the unity between us all. 

We went over to my parent's house after church and spent time together. We enjoyed a little dance party in the basement while the men cooked dinner. We got to talk to Todd and hear his great stories and listen to his cute voice. That was probably the best mother's day present for my mom. We all miss him so much and are so proud of what he is doing. We are so lucky to have him in our family. He is a good example to me. 
My mom is such a neat person. I love everything about her. I love that she is such a great grandma to my Kinlee. I love that she works so hard to make her children happy. I love that she WANTS to spend time with us. Cook for us. Shop with us. Watch T.V with us. Visit us. 
She raised us while on a tight budget and made sure we had everything we needed no matter what kind of work it required of her. She made our clothes. She made sure my friends were who I should hang out with. She took me to church and lived by the standards of the Gospel. She supported me in everything I did and still supports me in the things I do.  She is so personable and friendly that there is no reason not to like her, yet she stands her ground. I love my mom and the great example she is to me.

Kevin and Kinlee spoiled me. Kevin bought me flowers that are just gorgeous. He gave me a picture of us with the frame that says "all because two people fell in love". Kinlee gave me a card she made with Dora on it and she even painted me a picture titled "Love". I seriously don't deserve these two. They are the sweetest ever. I love my Kevin and my Kinlee so much!!!

Thursday, March 31

The Good, The great, and THE OH MY HECK!!!!

Some things in life are so good: Sleep- oh how I love sleep.
Some things in life are so great: Family, Kinlee wanting to snuggle, and lots more.
Some things in life are OH MY HECK moments.........
I just had one!!!  When I opened the letter from the ISU dental hygiene school. I was sitting here thinking I don't want to open it, I want to open it, I cant open it, I have to open it. All I wanted was to get in. I had been waiting a month for this moment.
So I know the one or two of you are dying to know, and for you I am grateful. Because you care. 
Just read the letter for yourself.

CAN YOU READ THAT????!!!!!  I GOT IN!!!! YAY!!!!

Wednesday, March 30


April 1st people.......its almost here!!!!!
 My parents recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! Crazy how old they are ;) just kidding.
For their celebration they decided to rent a cabin in Island Park and hang out there for a few days. They rented snowmobiles which were super fun.  They spent the first few days alone and then Whitney, me and the kids went up to crash their party. We did tons of riding, napping, drinking hot chocolate, watching satellite haha, playing in the 8ft of snow, and sitting in the hot tub. It was so fun to be together.
Saige and Kinlee being all cute:)
 Kinlee just wanted to eat the snow. She sat in that same spot for a good 20 minutes eating handfuls of snow.
 Saige and Peyton being models.
 After a hard day of riding and playing in the snow. We sat in the hot tub for a while.
We had such a great time relaxing. (If thats what you call it with kids "swimming all around".
We went from the hot tub to the snow, and all over again. It was hilarious.

Fun things:
*Being with family
*Almost wrecking the snowmobile
*Seeing Moose!
*Getting dressed with the windows open (there aren't people very close)
* Drinking hot chocolate
*The snow serving as a barrier purpose. There is no way to go off the road with 6ft of snow all around you:)

Overall, I would say this was an awesome trip. We had a blast!!

Tuesday, March 29

The new TOY!!

WE are proud to introduce the newest member of our household.....we finally purchased our dream house!!!  We couldn't be more excited to travel with her, fix her up, and most importantly spend time together in her!!  
Time to introduce the beauty........

1982 Prowler lite
Fully loaded
Heater, fridge, bathroom....the whole works.
The roof leaks....we are working on that.
What do you think we should name her?
A couple names we have picked:
Vacation home, home away from home, dream us out...what do you think??

You can bet we will be up scout mountain every weekend!!

Mr. St. Patty

Really, extremely, completely behind on this post...... We went to such a fun dinner party for St. Patrick's Day with some friends of ours. It was so fun. She had place settings, super cute decorations, she even sent out a menu!!  The kids had noodles, peas, and string cheese. The adults had a stew, bread, green salad, and some yummy lime punch. Cupcakes for desert. The kids got along great. The adults played a couple games that require being creative (NOT FOR ME) haha. I still had a GREAT time. We had awesome company and awesome food. Just what we needed!! 

And, of course I never get very many pictures. But here are a few......


Monday, March 28

I'm not going to tell a story with every single one of these, but I just think these are all so adorable. These are all I-pod pictures so they arent the best quality, SO don't judge me:)  I love this little sweetheart so much. She makes our lives so happy!