Thursday, July 21

How'd it get this far?

I feel horrible saying this, but sometimes I will look at someone overweight and thing to myself "how did they let it get that far?" or "Why don't they just do something about it?"  Not realizing that I, too am in that category. I am overweight and I am not doing something about it. I don't know their circumstances. I have NO idea why people are the way that they are, and how horrible is it that I have been one of the worst to judge. I have always been self conscious about my body. Even when I was in the best of shape- I felt like I was fat and ugly. I guess that's a young girl thing. But NOW, now that I am a mom, getting older is already going to take a tole on my body. Eating horribly and not exercising isn't harming ANYONE but ME! I want to appologize to anyone who may take this post the wrong way. I am not trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves. I just know for me, I am not happy the way I am. If you are- and you can enjoy yourself then I think that is wonderful and amazing and I wish I were more like that. Anyway- I am a perfectly capable being, and I CAN do something about it- but for this whole time I have chosen not to do anything....I eat candy, chips, soda, cookies, brownies EVERYDAY...I choose to watch tv over going to the park. Just some of my weaknesses, but let me tell you here and now that I WILL loose some weight. 
Enough with that blah blah blah...

My goal: Loose 20 lbs in 6 months.
How I am going to do it: 
I will make working out a regular routine.
I will not "diet"- I will change my eating habbits. 
I will choose NOT to watch TV all day
I will go and play with Kinlee outside and run and jump and play like I am a kid again:)

Who's with me? I have to make this change and cannot wait for the "OLD ME" back.