Thursday, March 31

The Good, The great, and THE OH MY HECK!!!!

Some things in life are so good: Sleep- oh how I love sleep.
Some things in life are so great: Family, Kinlee wanting to snuggle, and lots more.
Some things in life are OH MY HECK moments.........
I just had one!!!  When I opened the letter from the ISU dental hygiene school. I was sitting here thinking I don't want to open it, I want to open it, I cant open it, I have to open it. All I wanted was to get in. I had been waiting a month for this moment.
So I know the one or two of you are dying to know, and for you I am grateful. Because you care. 
Just read the letter for yourself.

CAN YOU READ THAT????!!!!!  I GOT IN!!!! YAY!!!!

Wednesday, March 30


April 1st people.......its almost here!!!!!
 My parents recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! Crazy how old they are ;) just kidding.
For their celebration they decided to rent a cabin in Island Park and hang out there for a few days. They rented snowmobiles which were super fun.  They spent the first few days alone and then Whitney, me and the kids went up to crash their party. We did tons of riding, napping, drinking hot chocolate, watching satellite haha, playing in the 8ft of snow, and sitting in the hot tub. It was so fun to be together.
Saige and Kinlee being all cute:)
 Kinlee just wanted to eat the snow. She sat in that same spot for a good 20 minutes eating handfuls of snow.
 Saige and Peyton being models.
 After a hard day of riding and playing in the snow. We sat in the hot tub for a while.
We had such a great time relaxing. (If thats what you call it with kids "swimming all around".
We went from the hot tub to the snow, and all over again. It was hilarious.

Fun things:
*Being with family
*Almost wrecking the snowmobile
*Seeing Moose!
*Getting dressed with the windows open (there aren't people very close)
* Drinking hot chocolate
*The snow serving as a barrier purpose. There is no way to go off the road with 6ft of snow all around you:)

Overall, I would say this was an awesome trip. We had a blast!!

Tuesday, March 29

The new TOY!!

WE are proud to introduce the newest member of our household.....we finally purchased our dream house!!!  We couldn't be more excited to travel with her, fix her up, and most importantly spend time together in her!!  
Time to introduce the beauty........

1982 Prowler lite
Fully loaded
Heater, fridge, bathroom....the whole works.
The roof leaks....we are working on that.
What do you think we should name her?
A couple names we have picked:
Vacation home, home away from home, dream us out...what do you think??

You can bet we will be up scout mountain every weekend!!

Mr. St. Patty

Really, extremely, completely behind on this post...... We went to such a fun dinner party for St. Patrick's Day with some friends of ours. It was so fun. She had place settings, super cute decorations, she even sent out a menu!!  The kids had noodles, peas, and string cheese. The adults had a stew, bread, green salad, and some yummy lime punch. Cupcakes for desert. The kids got along great. The adults played a couple games that require being creative (NOT FOR ME) haha. I still had a GREAT time. We had awesome company and awesome food. Just what we needed!! 

And, of course I never get very many pictures. But here are a few......


Monday, March 28

I'm not going to tell a story with every single one of these, but I just think these are all so adorable. These are all I-pod pictures so they arent the best quality, SO don't judge me:)  I love this little sweetheart so much. She makes our lives so happy!

Sunday, March 27

Oh baby baby

I have been dying to blog, but I couldn't get the pictures off of the camera. It is going to be a massive overload, but here I start..........
We always randomly take pictures with Kev's I-pod, and here are a few that we have taken in the last little bit. They are so funny to me. Kinlee cracks me up, she does all the faces with us because she can see herself. 

Friday, March 4


I had my interview today for the hygiene program.
It was so nerve-racking. I don't know how I survived :)
I wont find out until April 1st, so now is the waiting game......
I will stay busy getting straight A's in my other classes (haha- right!)
Hopefully I can round up some pictures and post again soon about KINLEE:) 
She makes me happy. As does Mr. Meudt.