Friday, February 19

Pictures of the Minnie.

Here is little miss Kinlee:  Aka:
Kin Kin
Kinny Minny
Kinny Kin Kin
Minny Me
Monkey Doo
Punkin Eater
Punk Punk Miniature
We sure do love her.  She is our little sunshine.  Cant get enough of her.  She is nine months old now!  WHATTTT????  Yup, NINE months.  She so funny.  Here is an update of what she is doing.

1. She looks at herself in the mirror and gives tons of kisses:)
2.  She is eating anything and everything you give her. 
3.  Right now, she LOVES Grandma Choules.  (even over mommy:( sad for me)
4.  She mimics everything.
5.  She says Momma, Dadda, Gus Gus, and hi
6. She plays with paint cans and highlighters like a drum set
7. She crawls like a mad man....FAST
8.  She wont walk, she is stubborn, when she realizes she is standing on her own, she sits down.
9.  She just got her 3rd tooth yesterday her top left. Her smile is adorable.
10.  She doesn't nap
11. Her hair is growing!! YAY!
12.  She changes the channel with the remote and finds herself so funny.
13. She bites, Hard.


She loves to help Coupon.

Oh how she loves watching her baby Einsteins. 

She fell asleep on the floor while playing...she NEVER does this:)

This is her with her uncle Corey.  She loves when he visits.