Wednesday, November 10

18 months!!

So Kinlee is now 18 months and she is cute as ever!

*Currently she is without diaper and pulling dvds out of their cases. AHH. But she is very persistant, and doesn't want that darn diaper on. I can feel a potty training coming on! 

She says so many words:
Momma, Daddy, Gus, Saige, Grandma, Papa
Banana, More, Please, Thanks, Shrek, Dora, George
Ball, Ka-Ka, puppy, kitty, cracker, food, movie,
sippy, blanky, baby, teeth, cheese.
She is not apposed to trying words we tell her to say. They are usually pretty close, but funny to listen to. 
There are too many words to remember at this point, but holy cow is she learning. 
She LOVES treats. (wonder where she got that?) 
She LOVES playing with her cousins
She Loves being outside. Uh oh for winter.
She loves her baby. 
She loves George, dora, and Shrek. Always asking to watch those three movies.
She loves puting my make-up on.
She always wants to go in her tent with us.
She loves bananas, grapes, waffles, and chicken noodle soup.
She loves being with mommy and daddy!
She loves brushing her teeth- NOT when WE brush her teeth, just her.
Her hair is getting long enough to put in pony tails.
She loves pulling clothes out of her drawers.
She HATES baths. -ugh, she used to love them.
She wont sit in the grocery cart.
She is spoiled, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We love spoiling her! haha. 

We love our Kinlee!

Day 7

Day 7  I am grateful for my bed. I LOVE SLEEPING!!!  
I'm fortunate to have a nice bed, one I can sleep in every night!
I feel so warm and cozy when I'm laying there!

And then I wake up rejuvenated and ready for the day! (right)