Friday, November 12

Day 9

Day 9: I realized that I should have gotten caught up and had the days in sequence with the days of the month....but I didn't oops. Thats ok. Today I am so grateful for movies and books and toys that are used to occupy Kinlee while I am doing homework. Kinlee just loves Curious George, Shrek, and Dora! She sits on my lap for a few minutes while I am watching my lectures. I always feel really bad making her do things without me while I am doing homework, I just keep reminding myself that I am getting a degree for both of us! I will be smarter:) and be able to only work a couple days a week, and Kinlee will be able to have the things she needs, and possibly a sister. I am grateful for Kevin today also, for the many things he helps out with to make this possible.

And then....Kinlee comes grabs my finger and says come come come...momma please. AHHH she kills me. 

Day 8

Day 8 Today I am not feeling very grateful. I have been so busy with school, and flunking tests that I forgot to think about how grateful I am. But, today I am grateful for food. How grateful I am that my family and I can eat each day and be fully satisfied.  We have started a great tradition where we take food to homeless people each year for Christmas and Thanksgiving. We love the service, and they love the food. I am grateful that I can do that to help someone!