Thursday, June 30

Where does she come from?

I got to thinking the other day.....Kinlee says a lot of things that make me in complete awe. Like where the heck did she learn that? She has her own language basically. There are so many things she says that just make me laugh so hard. Here are a few because I don't EVER want to forget them.

Wait, before I get to the words she just barely did something super me. Im sure its not funny to anyone else....but here it is anyway. 

I have some chocolate candies in the fridge because they melted, and Kinlee is always in the fridge getting things out. She came in with one of the candies and asked if she could have it. I told her no, that she wouldn't like it.(it is dark chocolate and she has tried it before and didn't like it) I went and got her a different treat and she ate it up. A couple minutes later. (as I was sitting here getting ready to blog) She came in with one of the treats from the fridge and said, "Mommy its not gross, I like it. K?" Like for approval to eat it. I started laughing so she did too. Then a few seconds later she came in with ANOTHER treat and said "Mommy, I got you a treat. Here, I'll open it for you."  What a sweetheart right?  haha 

Ok, on to the words...
Dinosaur = Dowjen
Ice cream = iven
Princess = Jajii
that one = Dona 
Tinkerbell = tincleberr
clap = **** (the "F" word) 
blanket = deentee
hot dog = doggadog
glasses = glasglas

There are so many more things I wish I could remember just from last year...I will add to this as they come to me!

* When we get in the car and its hot...Kinlee covers her mouth with her hands and says "Ah, its so hot. Turn on the A.C!" in a state of panic.
* Whenever she does something like spill her water, or pee in her pants, or something that she knows isn't ok and she accidentally did, she says in the CUTEST VOICE "I'm sorry mommy I spilled my water (or whatever the offense was)." No getting mad at her after that:)
* She sings ring around the rosies and sings it perfectly until the "pocket full of posies" that point it sounds like the F word. Its awful that I think it is funny and cute, but it sure is.
* When we go camping she freaks out about the hot fire.
* Twinkle Twinkle little star is her very favorite song and she sings it so cute. She sings every word almost. She sings it as if it never it continues forever and ever.
* One of her favorite things to say is "I had it first" drives me nuts. But most of the time it has no relevance. I will be doing her hair and she says "No mommy I had it first. I had it first." I have no idea how she got that one.

Saturday, June 18

Fathers Day

I have the most awesome Dad in the world. I sure do love that man. What a great example he is to me. Thanks dad for everything. (even though he wont ever read this)

 Kevin is also the most wonderful dad. Kinlee loves spending time with him and gets SO excited when daddy comes home from work. He is such a hard working dad, and so selfless. 
I am so grateful to have such wonderful men in my life. 
Kinlee wanted to say something to dad.....
uhfudsisufdsduiuiu htgjtghgttguriro

Translation: I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!