Thursday, February 10


I received a letter from the ISU Dental Hygiene school, and I am among the top 50 applicants. 
Really, its not that great- but I am one step closer to getting into the program!
I get to go for an interview and critical reasoning test on March 4th. 
Final 26 (ish) will be notified by April 1st!
I. am. so. excited!! 
I am sooo nervous!  
What am I going to wear?! What am I going to say? How am I going to prepare?? 
Gosh, I just wish that I was in the program already!!!  
 I'm so ready for 21 credits the first semester.
I am so ready to eat sleep and think about teeth.
I'm so ready to have ZERO life.
I mean, who wouldn't be?

On the tenth day.......

#10 reason why I dearly love my man is because he is so Patient. He never loses his temper. 
Actually, I have never ONCE heard him raise his voice. He is constantly helping when I am frustrated or something, he asks how he can help. 
When Kinlee purposly "spills" her juice on the floor he calmly tells her to go into the kitchen and do not do that again. 
When she wont eat her dinner, he patiently waits with her while trying to convince her to eat. 

While we were dating....I think he looks so sweet in this pic. I always have to ruin it. haha