Wednesday, March 30


April 1st people.......its almost here!!!!!
 My parents recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! Crazy how old they are ;) just kidding.
For their celebration they decided to rent a cabin in Island Park and hang out there for a few days. They rented snowmobiles which were super fun.  They spent the first few days alone and then Whitney, me and the kids went up to crash their party. We did tons of riding, napping, drinking hot chocolate, watching satellite haha, playing in the 8ft of snow, and sitting in the hot tub. It was so fun to be together.
Saige and Kinlee being all cute:)
 Kinlee just wanted to eat the snow. She sat in that same spot for a good 20 minutes eating handfuls of snow.
 Saige and Peyton being models.
 After a hard day of riding and playing in the snow. We sat in the hot tub for a while.
We had such a great time relaxing. (If thats what you call it with kids "swimming all around".
We went from the hot tub to the snow, and all over again. It was hilarious.

Fun things:
*Being with family
*Almost wrecking the snowmobile
*Seeing Moose!
*Getting dressed with the windows open (there aren't people very close)
* Drinking hot chocolate
*The snow serving as a barrier purpose. There is no way to go off the road with 6ft of snow all around you:)

Overall, I would say this was an awesome trip. We had a blast!!