Tuesday, February 1

14 Reasons

14 Reasons why I love my husband! 
Leading up to Valentines Day.

Random thought in Chemistry: I want my husband to know how much I love him. Like really, why do I love him. What can I do to show him? I just want to post something each day that tells him why I love him. I will also post a picture of us together within the last 4 years of us knowing each other. Anywhere from dates, to engagement, to wedding, to now! (whew...that's a lot of photos haha) This should be interesting!!

#1- He is always moving. Such a hard worker. He never stops going going going, therefore, he gets a LOT done in a single day. I never feel like I have worked harder than him. He is always helping me around the house or with Kinlee. He is the 1st one up, and the last one to bed. I appreciate the work he does at home as well as what a good job I know he is doing at his work place. They love him there!
This actually wasn't long ago. I don't know the exact date, but it was within the last year.