Thursday, June 17

Today is a good day.

Today is the day I got my cricut back.  

Kinlee is happy.

The house is a MESS.

Im eating a popsicle.

GOOD DAY! Almost Friday.

Wednesday, June 16

Kinlees 2nd "1st Birthday"!!!

Kevin's grandparents are so great to us every year they come.  We are so lucky to have them here right now. They have been here for a little over a week and will be leaving in a little over a week from now.  Since they weren't able to be here for Kinlee's 1st Easter and/or her 1st Birthday they decided to celebrate with her now that they are here.  So, we had a very nice birthday party with Kinlee and an Easter egg hunt! We love our little munchkin and we are blessed that we have such great people to influence her and love her so much.

Kinlee's cake with a little rocking horse on top.  They spelled her name wrong- "Kintee"- why would your name be Kintee?  But, it was an easy fix... just scraped the frosting off and turned it in to Kinlee!
 Kinlee is making another one year old wish.
She found her easter eggs hidden and each one had a fruit snack in it, she would eat the fruit snack and throw the egg down and move right on to the next egg and do the same thing, until they were gone, and she went back through all the eggs to be sure she didn't miss any.
 She was in the middle of saying "Oh Wow"- her most used phrase.  She just looks so cute.
 She always makes that her "fort"  so she placed her baby down in it.......
 ......and then sat down with her!
 Trying on the dolls shoes...they wont fit.

Saturday, June 12

Memorial Day weekend

Kevin Kinlee and I decided to take a little trip during the memorial day weekend.  Obviously I am the worst at pictures, but I will just tell about it :) We couldn't figure out where we wanted to go, so the night before at about midnight we got online and chose Park City.  We have some friends that were leaving about the same time as us to go to we were about to split, when they decided to come with us!  It was quite fun.  We drove to Salt Lake where my sister lives and went to Cafe Rio for dinner with her.  Then, we drove from there to Park City.  It is gorgeous!!  We had never been there before so it was a totally new experience.  

We went to our hotel, which was so awesome!  We liked it, it was a log cabin hotel. We didn't have any plans for this trip, we just wanted to get away for a while.  We had gotten there fairly late, so we just tried to go to bed.  But Kinlee had big plans.  She would NOTTT go to sleep, so we sat out in the lobby and played cards for a while.  Finally I was able to get her to sleep and we continued playing cards for a bit and started singing we got in trouble by the hotel :( It was hilarious though.  The next day Kinlee would not stay asleep for long, so about 6AM her and I went for a drive around the city. It was cool to see all the houses.  They are so close to each other on the side of a mountain so they are tall and skinny and multicolored. 

Then we went SHOPPING...  Wow there is the best outlet mall there.  We shopped at Carters, Osh Kosh', The childrens place, Old Navy, Kitchen gadgets store, and tons of other places.  We shopped all day!  Then when the day was over we stayed one more night and woke up and just drove around.  The cool things we saw were like 10 different ski resorts within about 10 miles. There is also an Olympic park where we saw where the Olympics were when in Salt Lake City. We drove home and went and got our little pup from Idaho Falls and came home to bed.  It was awesome.  We want to live there one day!

Friday, June 11

May 5th 2010

Kinlee had such a great turn out for her 1st Birthday party!  So many friends and family members came to celebrate with us.  Kinlee's aunts were such a great help with the party decorating and food.  So thanks to my sisters!!!  Kinlee looks adorable in her cute little tutu and bow.  Kinlee's cake was made by a very sweet lady who is a professional cake maker. The pinata was made by us, it was a pull string pinata.  I will have to post the video.  This was Kinlee's first time with sweets, and she ate a ton of her frosting on her cake.  She loved it!  I cant believe that Kinlee is such a big girl.  She was spoiled rotten and received WAY too many gifts. Her family and friends love her so much!!   

Friday, June 4

Picture overload.

So I decided that I wanted to document Kinlee's 1st year, So I made her a little book she can look back on her 1st year and I have great intentions on doing it for every year. This starts from basically the most recent pictures down to when she was first born pictures.  I cant figure out how to get an exact order, so its as good as its going to get.  We love our Kinlee so much, she has been such a blessing in our lives.  We couldn't imagine life without her.  At a year old here are her measurements.
Weight:  18lbs 13oz
Height: 29 inches!
Head circumference: 17 1/2 
She is still pretty little, but she is getting SOOO big now with all the big girl food she eats and absolutely NO bottles or baby food.  A couple big things she does:
1.  She has 8 full in teeth and 2 molars that have come through and are about half way in.
2. Her favorite things include reading books, hanging with her cousins, and watching PBS :)
3.  She is perfect on walks and from the time she was little is calmed by the outside.
4. She goes to sleep at 9 (give or take)
5.  Wakes up around 10 AM (good sleeper)
6. She takes one nap and its never consistent, usually 1 to 2 hours.
7.  She LOVES dancing to music.
8.  Favorite words:  Momma, dadda, gus gus, woof woof, peek a boo, i want some, more( in sign language), thank you,  and uh-oh.
*she has said many other words here and there, but these are the ones she says all the time.
9. Favorite food:  Bananas and chicken nuggets.
10. She walks like a pro...basically runs everywhere.