Wednesday, February 2

Numbero Dos

#2- I love Mr. Meudt because he calls at least 3 times in a day when we are away from each-other. 
Once in the morning to tell me to have a good day. 
Once before he comes home for lunch to make sure I will be there to see him. 
Once in the middle of the day, usually just because. No real reason. 
Once when he is on his way home. No real reason there either except to tell me he is on his way home. 
I love that. Even IF we have NOTHING to say to each-other, we still talk that much. Love it. 
Not only does he call that many times, but I for some reason I don't answer, he leaves a message for me to get. Usually it says Hey, its Kev. Just calling you bye. 
Oh, he is cute.

This picture was back in the day for our very first Easter together. 
We were building cards for our Mommas for Mom's Day!