Thursday, May 24

Todd returns:)

After honorably serving in the Phoenix, AZ mission for 2 years....
Elder Nathan Todd Choules is home! 
We are all very excited.  
Kinlee calls him uncle which is just the cutest.  We love him and are excited to have him back!


Vacation this year was to Florida to visit Oma and Opa and Papa Meudt.  We always get completely spoiled when we go there, and this time was no different.  We had a great time!! PICTURE OVERLOAD FOR SURE!! (You are warned)

Highlights of the trip:
* Kinlee got to celebrate her 3rd Birthday on the beach with Oma, Opa, Helmtrud, Dagmar, Kevin (From germany), Joan, Susan, and Craig.  
*We Spent every day in Oma and Opas pool. Kinlee couldn't get enough and she swam great.  She kept a life jacket on and a floaty tube and she went everywhere all by herself.
*We ate at an all you can eat Chinese/ Japanese buffet and it was delicious. (Besides the fact that I tried sushi for the first time and it tasted so bad I almost puked!)
*We went to Orlando to go to Sea World.  It was awesome, as always. We love it there, and Kinlee did too.  Her favorite was the turtle show where the crab got the turtle, the bird gets the crab and the turtle falls in the water.  She tells it perfectly too.
My favorite is always the dolphin show.  It was great, and the shamu show is always great, but this time the trainers weren't allowed to swim with the whale, so it wasn't quite as great. 
*We stayed at the Mariot resort and the room we stayed in was bigger than our house! We ordered pizza after a long day of sea world, went to karaoke night in the commons area, and ate some yummy ice cream.
* We went to Downtown Disney to see all the fun stores.  Kinlee's favorite was the Tshirt store:) She took a little train ride, built a potato head, played with legos, and her least favorite was the T-Rex restaurant/shop- She was so scared it was adorable and then she wanted more after she got over it.
* I went on 2 was hot.  
* Kevin and I got to rent a couple Jet Skis.  We had such a fun time. Kevin saw a dolphin, and we both saw some sea turtles.  This was the last day we were staying and it was the only time I got burnt.... 
* Kinlee and I got our nails done.
* We watched a really fun drum circle on the beach with belly dancers, and some real winners. It was quite hilarious. And we found sharks teeth
* Went shopping at the little shops in Venice and then Kinlee played in the water.
* We ate at a little Cuban restaurant in Tampa before we left that was actually pretty tasty, but there was a cockroach on the floor beside us that kinda made me lose an appetite.
* After breakfast we went and looked around at a little farmers market (actually quite large). We love farmers markets.

Wednesday, May 23


Kinlee has really started to impress us with her knowledge!  She drew this picture of Kevin a month or 2 before she turned 3.


1st Camping trip of the season was during spring break.  We decided to give camping a try because it was supposed to be a good weekend.  We got up the mountain and it was all closed off because it hadn't been opened for the season, and wouldn't be for a couple months. We ended up finding a little spot right off the side of the road to park and camp for the night.  It was a blast. Very low key, and just the 3 of us.  We went on short hikes, built a snowman, and made the tiniest little fire to cook our hotdogs (tiny because the wind was crazy and we didn't want to start a forest fire)  We woke up to snow, and left in mid afternoon.  It was a great time and we cant wait to go more!!