Monday, December 21

I love Kevin

Cant even believe it has been that long. I want to just hubby took me on the best date ever. Rented a limo, took me to get hot chocolate, looked at all the Christmas lights, took me to a nice dinner and bought me an AWESOME canvas picture of our cute family. Oh how I love him and his thoughtfulness. He is the best husband a gal could ask for. I love you honey.

Thursday, December 17

We love Christmas

These are our awesome pictures from Nov. 2009. My sister ROCKS!!!!!!! (She did them)

Thursday, October 22



We got family pics quite a while ago, but my sister is a very busy person so we just got them! She didn't edit all of them, but they are so great anyways. Here are a few of the favorites. Kinlee was only 2 months old in these pics.

Tuesday, July 21

Better Late than Never.....

I wasn't able to gather many photos other than just a few, so hopefully this wont bore you to death.

I think that the first thing I need to fill everyone in on is Kinlee's beautiful blessing day. Kevin was able to give her blessing and it was so precious. He makes such a great daddy. We were shown SOOO much support and we really appreciate everyone who was able to make it. It was super fun to have everyone at our house for dinner and it was the first time we had all of our families together at once. It was great. Kinlee looked SOOO beautiful. She wore a dress that my mom and I bought. (THANKS MOM) We went looking somewhere south of Salt Lake City where my uncle lives, and the first shop we went to we found exactly what we were looking for. It will be a dress I can use for all my little girls as they come :).

Monday, July 20


Well, as you can tell the posts are getting further and further spaced apart. For my fans...i will work on that :). I am constantly reminded that I need to update the blog...but just haven't. So, I have a new goal....I'm going to get all caught up within a few days (cross my fingers) and then I will blog at least once a week unless more is needed. So, while I'm gathering the pictures and everything I need to blog about ( which is a LOT) I will let you know of some FABULOUS finds I made at Walgreens.
This is all stuff that we use, I would have bought it eventually anyways...
I got all this for just $10.10
not on sale and no coupons it would have costed $48.37

7 -2 pack gel ink pens
6- blistex medicated lip balm
3- dawn dish soap
2- combos
2- 10 pack ballpoint pens
1- Skirt to wear over my swimming suit

More to come soon....

Thursday, May 21

Whats new!

So.....Not much has been happening here at the Meudt's house. I feel like it is my turn to do a blog finally! Thanks to Kevin for all the previous posts. I bet you never even knew it was him! Hes fabulous. So, when we first thought about having a baby we looked into the cost and how much our insurance would pay. We found out that we had a 5000 dollar deductible and then we were to pay 20% after that. There really was no way around that the Lord wanted us to have a baby so we ended up getting pregnant despite the cost issues. For the next 9 months we saved as much as we possibly could to save up for Kinlee and thought that we had saved enough. We made up a budget that we were going to live on the next few months while I was not working and it ended up that just with the necesities we were going to be a bit over. I prayed nightly for the Lord to help us get through it and every time I look at Kinlee I know that she is well worth it. Come to find out, our insurance paid SOOOO much more than what we thought they were going to pay and we ended up not having to come up with as much money as we thought, so we will be fine. I only know of one way that this ended up happening and that is because the Lord blessed us greatly. This increased my testimony of tithing by so much. There is no denying that the Lord blesses us if we are doing what we are supposed to. I know that he watches out for us day by day and he has a plan for each of us. I love the gospel and I love my family. I love Kinlee more than I ever thought possible and I hope so badly that I can be as good of a parent as my parents were to me. You never really understand the sacrifices they went through until you have your own baby...she is only 2 weeks old and already I can see a tiny tiny bit of what they did for me. They taught me so much and I owe so much to them. Thanks mom and dad for being the best parents ever! And last but NOT least thanks to Kevin for being the best daddy to our little girl and the best husband in the world! Sorry that this turned into something you probably don't want to read, but this is the only type of journal that Ill ever have! How great to not have to cramp up my hand! lol

Now, all about Kinlee..... Born on May 5, 2009 at 2:23 AM. 7lbs 2 oz and 21 inches long. From the beginning she looked like her dad- but every day since she has started to look a little bit more like me. Obviously we cant really tell because she is still so little, but we await to see what she looks like through the years. Week one checkup: 7lbs 12 oz 20 1/2 inches. WOW!! gained a lot! Week 2 checkup: 8lbs 10 oz 20 1/2 inches. DOUBLE WOW!! Doc says if she continues at this rate until she is 14 yrs old she will be close to 500 lbs! haha He says she is doing perfectly and healthy as can be!
Here are a few pictures my sister took for us at 2 weeks old! Whitney is a great photographer and is very open to customizing things to your needs...she also has VERY reasonable prices and does anything from weddings, families, babies, engagements and more. Check out her blog at!!

Saturday, May 9

Kinlee is HERE!!!

She was born Tuesday morning at 2:23 AM. She weighed 7 Lbs 2 ounces. And she was 21 inches long.

Monday, May 4

Baby time!

As many of you may already know- we had a wonderful doctors appointment today to check the progress of this very cute but stubborn baby of ours. As we waited patiently in the doctor's office the nurse came in and checked the heartbeat and checked my blood pressure. She said- "Whoa- that's not good" and said that my blood pressure was very high. The doctor then came in to check everything and said that we had two options. 1- Get induced today or 2- be on bed rest for a few days to get my blood pressure down and wait for labor to start on its own. Well......hard choice- we weighed the options. (Which of course there are possible complications with each) and decided that well....We are having a baby today!!!! When one o'clock rolls around (30 minutes from now) we can call to see if there is room for us at the hospital....(today is a popular "have a baby day") So- wish us luck!!!!

Saturday, May 2

Patiently Waiting...

Well.......Here we are at 39 and almost a half weeks and still no baby! Hopefully the end will be soon, but until then we are going to take advantage of the sleep and freedom we have! Cant wait for baby Kinlee to get here!!!

Tuesday, April 14

Gus Gus's New Hair Cut

It was time for Gus Gus to get a hair cut..... And then it snowed, so he is FREEZING. But he does look pretty handsome. PS only 3ish weeks until Kinlee is born! We are very very excited.

Saturday, April 4

NEW CAR!!!!!!

We have been looking and looking for a new car and ended up going to Utah today to buy one. This is our new 2004 Honda Pilot!! We love it!! Oh and Kinlee will love it as well. Thanks to the nice man named Troy for helping us with the car.

Tuesday, March 24

Kinlee's Crib

Well its official, Kinlee has the nicest room in the house! ha But that's how it should be for our little girl! Kam is excited to put her crib set in the crib when she gets home from Portland. And thanks to Mike W. for helping me get the crib from Wal-Mart.

Monday, March 23

Kinlee's Car Seat and Stroller

My Grandma and my Mom bought Kinlee her new stroller a car seat. I know she will love them and thank you when she is able to! And since Kinlee is not here yet, we had Gus try out the stroller for his lil sister. He couldn't get enough of it ha!

Beautiful Kambree!!!

Here's a picture of Kambree being all cute, holding our baby girl.

Kevin's Projects While Kam is Gone

Kambree left for Portland on Saturday so since Gus and I are very lonely without her we decided to stay busy with home projects. First we built Kinlee's new bedroom furniture, then we put up the chair rail in her room. I also attempted to make the AC unit look a little better.

The crib is here just not set up yet.

Sunday, March 22

Kevin's Haircut

I (Kevin) decided to get all my hair cut off! It has been long since about 7th grade I think? But I am getting older and should probably start to look my age! haha
Before Picture...........After Picture....

The Mustang is SOLD!! and GONE

Well after many requests for us to update our blog (all of which coming from Cole Bebee), here are a few things we have been working on.

First of all, we sold the Mustang........ It was time to get a family car for Kev. Here's a pic of me (kev) pretending to take it for one last drive.And then here's a picture of me with all the cash! Somewhat Happy again!

And now it's time to find a new car.......

Friday, February 20

Baby Kinlee's new quilt!

I have been really looking for something that I could do that is "crafty" for the baby. I am very excited to make tons of stuff for her to keep me busy. I LOVE the colors pink and brown for her, so I decided I would make a really cute pink and brown quilt. I looked EVERYWHERE for cute fabrics, but had no such luck. They were out of everything! My sister had made some really fun bags for her kids just before Christmas, and she had the perfect fabrics for it, so she went to Twin Falls for me to pick up fabric. (Nice sister I know). I am definitely NOT a sewer, so she had to help me a ton. Kevin also picked up some nice sewing skills and helped me out, until he got bored and decided it was time to play with the little kids toys. He built us a sweet castle. We ended up getting the entire thing finished in less than a week, only working on it a few hours a day. It was a very fun project and I'm pretty sure that I will be making another soon.

Monday, February 2

The Kitchen

This is the work in progress, as we were painting.

With the flood this last summer we were forced to do an upgrade/ remodel in our kitchen. Luckily our insurance was kind enough to step in and help :). All the cabinets are new along with the counter top, sink, and facet. We decided we also wanted to give the house a bunch of color. I will get some pictures of our other rooms up here at some point, but the kitchen we painted this great red color. We love it! Kevin always ends up doing most of the work because of a few reasons:
1) the fumes in general
2) I get frustrated when things go wrong
3) He doesn't want me climbing a ladder
4) He does a great job!!
haha. So really we can thank Kevin for this great kitchen!!