Tuesday, March 24

Kinlee's Crib

Well its official, Kinlee has the nicest room in the house! ha But that's how it should be for our little girl! Kam is excited to put her crib set in the crib when she gets home from Portland. And thanks to Mike W. for helping me get the crib from Wal-Mart.

Monday, March 23

Kinlee's Car Seat and Stroller

My Grandma and my Mom bought Kinlee her new stroller a car seat. I know she will love them and thank you when she is able to! And since Kinlee is not here yet, we had Gus try out the stroller for his lil sister. He couldn't get enough of it ha!

Beautiful Kambree!!!

Here's a picture of Kambree being all cute, holding our baby girl.

Kevin's Projects While Kam is Gone

Kambree left for Portland on Saturday so since Gus and I are very lonely without her we decided to stay busy with home projects. First we built Kinlee's new bedroom furniture, then we put up the chair rail in her room. I also attempted to make the AC unit look a little better.

The crib is here just not set up yet.

Sunday, March 22

Kevin's Haircut

I (Kevin) decided to get all my hair cut off! It has been long since about 7th grade I think? But I am getting older and should probably start to look my age! haha
Before Picture...........After Picture....

The Mustang is SOLD!! and GONE

Well after many requests for us to update our blog (all of which coming from Cole Bebee), here are a few things we have been working on.

First of all, we sold the Mustang........ It was time to get a family car for Kev. Here's a pic of me (kev) pretending to take it for one last drive.And then here's a picture of me with all the cash! Somewhat Happy again!

And now it's time to find a new car.......