Monday, February 7


#7- This is going to sound dumb, but I love that he has never EVER said a bad word. He is so good about that. He corrects me when I say "stupid" or something silly like that. He works in the automotive world, and is around nasty, dirty minded men all day long who drop the F bomb all day long and he never has said even the slightest bad word. Honestly, he has such a clean mind it is unreal. I LOVE IT! I love love love that I can trust that he is just as clean without us around as he is with us around. I never have to worry that Kinlee is going to pick up on something he said or he will "accidentally" slip up. There should be no reason to worry if you just don't say things you shouldn't be saying! 
This was before we were married, but I am pretty sure we were engaged? Cant remember.