Wednesday, May 11

I REALIZE I suck at blogging :)

Well of course since the last post a lot has come and past. 
I will take it in chronological order...


Easter was way fun this year because Kinlee had so much fun dying eggs and going on egg hunts.
Saturday we took Kinlee to an egg hunt at the park and she was able to snag a couple eggs. It was funny to watch her because right when she found the first one she opened it up and sat down to eat the candy. She only needed one to make her happy:)  

From there, we went up to the university church where they held a really fun little bunch of activities for the kids. They had hot dogs, peeps, cinnamon rolls, and sugar cookies to eat. They had stations for coloring eggs, decorating baskets, frosting sugar cookies, chicks and bunnies to pet and hold, coloring pictures, and a couple others. It was a great time. 

Next, we went to my parents house to dye eggs. The kids had a great time with that!!  We had more lunch (sandwiches) and just hung out. 

Last, we went to a "Walk With Christ" at the Alameda Stake Center. This is a life sketch basically of Christ's life on Earth. They created skits, videos, and scenes to help portray the life he lived. It was beautiful. I enjoyed it so much and really learned a lot. 

For Easter morning Kinlee woke up to a basket that the Easter bunny had left her. She got "Cars" the movie, new panties, CANDY, and a few other misc. things. We dressed her in her new dress and she looked so adorable. 

At church I was able to teach the Easter lesson for the girls in Young Women's. I just love my calling. The lesson I gave was a silent lesson and we just watched a DVD with tons of powerful clips and music. The spirit was so strong and I could really tell that the girls were able to get something out of the lesson. I too learned a great deal about the Savior's life from that lesson and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to teach that day. I am grateful for the real reason we celebrate Easter. I know he is risen, and I truly cannot wait for the day that he returns to us. 


We built a raised vegetable garden a couple years ago, but never got around to doing anything with it.
FINALLY, we decided to get it done. We started with the wire stuff to keep rodents out, then put the mesh weed barrier down, and then hauled literally a TON of dirt and viola! Its beautiful!!

These are our awesome starters. Since it has been so cold outside, we got impatient and decided we needed to plant our crops inside:) we will show the starts after they are planted outside, but they are doing GREAT inside!!!

KINLEE'S 2nd Birthday!
Kinlee is so stinkin spoiled!!  

Starting with a couple days before her birthday- Kevin's Grandparent's from Maryland came to visit and brought a truck load of goodies for the birthday girl. She got tons of new accessories for her doll. She got tons of clothes, garden tools, and tons of fun toys to play with.
But....thats not all
We had a family birthday party for the munchkin on her real birthday which was May 5th. 
We had cafe' rio burritos/ salads. They were delish.
We had brownie and ice cream sundes for desert.
A couple days after we held a little party for the friends she has made in nursery. 
We ate chili dogs and salad. They played on the trampoline, played outside, and just enjoyed each-others company. We ate cake and ice cream for desert, which was also good. I forgot to pass out the cute little goodie bags to the kids:(  That was too bad.
Here are a few pics from the week.

We are so lucky to have such great family and friends to spend time with. We love you all so much!! 
Thanks for celebrating with us!!


Such a fun day to celebrate the wonderful Moms in this world. We had a really wonderful lesson in Relief Society about sisterhood and visiting teaching and the beauty that comes from serving. It was a really great lesson. The priesthood leaders taught all the classes in Young Womens, primary, and nursery so everyone in the R.S could attend. It was so amazing to see how many sisters are in our ward and see the unity between us all. 

We went over to my parent's house after church and spent time together. We enjoyed a little dance party in the basement while the men cooked dinner. We got to talk to Todd and hear his great stories and listen to his cute voice. That was probably the best mother's day present for my mom. We all miss him so much and are so proud of what he is doing. We are so lucky to have him in our family. He is a good example to me. 
My mom is such a neat person. I love everything about her. I love that she is such a great grandma to my Kinlee. I love that she works so hard to make her children happy. I love that she WANTS to spend time with us. Cook for us. Shop with us. Watch T.V with us. Visit us. 
She raised us while on a tight budget and made sure we had everything we needed no matter what kind of work it required of her. She made our clothes. She made sure my friends were who I should hang out with. She took me to church and lived by the standards of the Gospel. She supported me in everything I did and still supports me in the things I do.  She is so personable and friendly that there is no reason not to like her, yet she stands her ground. I love my mom and the great example she is to me.

Kevin and Kinlee spoiled me. Kevin bought me flowers that are just gorgeous. He gave me a picture of us with the frame that says "all because two people fell in love". Kinlee gave me a card she made with Dora on it and she even painted me a picture titled "Love". I seriously don't deserve these two. They are the sweetest ever. I love my Kevin and my Kinlee so much!!!