Saturday, November 13

Day 10

Day 10: Today I am very grateful for work. I'm not necessarily grateful for the work I do, but grateful that I have a job! I am grateful that I can learn from work, become a better person, and meet so many new people to become friends with. It will be sad to say goodbye within the next month, but I feel it is time to focus my energies on KINLEE and SCHOOL right now. Who knows...maybe somewhere down the line I will get to go back for the summer or something. :) 

Along with that, I am grateful for my parents, and my sister who always watches Kinlee when I am at school or work. 
I am grateful for Kevin being able to work so hard each day to support us and get us the things we need. Right now, with the holiday coming so fast, I was getting a little stressed about money, and how we are going to pay for presents we need to buy, and decorations I need in my house, and this and that, but still have a great feeling about quiting my job. It was confusing me!!  I know though now, that it is not all about gifts, and having things. I am beyond excited to have enough time to hang out with the two loves of my life. I'm also looking forward to finding some kind of creativity that might be hiding inside of me to get gifts for family and friends. Kevin and I also decided that for our presents to each other we are going to have about a $20 limit and do something special for each other. We are probably going to fall in love with the idea, and make it a tradition! I am SOOOO excited for CHRISTMAS this year!

Yeah, so what....I got a little off track ;)