Tuesday, November 16

Day 11, 12, 13

Day 11 I am grateful that I get to teach the girls in Young Women's. I often wonder why I am the one who teaches them, when I feel inadequate. Not only is this calling for them, it is for me. I am learning soooo much and I am grateful that I have that opportunity.  I love to learn about the basic principles we learned as Young Women. Although it hasn't been long since I was sitting in my own YW class, i feel like I have forgotten so many of the basic things we are taught. I am grateful for the refresh in my memory it gives. I love the girls. I teach just one most Sundays and that makes it difficult for her I am sure because she gets ALL the questions, quotes, activities to herself, but she is amazing and SO smart!!

Day 12 I am grateful for Family Night and for quick dinners!  I love when Kevin comes home and it is play time for Kinlee. I love the sound of laughter and feet running around. She is so hilarious when daddy comes home. I am grateful for family night that gets me focused on what really matters in my life and not the unimportant things. I am grateful that I have a family to spend family night with! 

Day 13: Today, I am so grateful for Kinlee's prayers. Even though I cant understand a word she is saying, and she doesn't really know what she is saying either, but it is adorable and so innocent. I am grateful that she is learning so quickly the things that matter, and the commandments we have been given to keep us happy. Praying will definitely do that for her. I'm grateful also for the communication the Lord gives back. We are blessed big time.