Wednesday, July 27

Off to a good start!

I thought it would motivate me to post my progress with this whole weight loss thing....I guess we will see if it really does help.  I started Friday with eating well and running every day. I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day with no snacks. I even tried out new "healthy" recipes and LOVED them. So did my family. I have ran 3.25 miles every day since then. (ok, really a run/walk) I have actually felt really good, and I am so much more "lively" during the day. I would say I'm not as lazy or as bored during the day. I have gone from 150 lbs Friday to 143.9 today. I feel great about the progression, especially since I have only been dieting for 5 days. I know that it comes off a little better at the beginning, but I'm hoping soon I can run more and eat even better! I need to get a picture going, but I don't think I'm to that point yet, I cant let people see what I look like until the end:)
Wish me luck to another week!!