Friday, September 24


Kinlee went to the dentist for the first time. I must say we paid WAY too much.  We thought since she has had so many teeth since 6 months old that we should get her in to be seen and get them cleaned so she doesn't get tartar build-up.  We took her in and it literally took 15 seconds for the doctor to look in her mouth, and chart which teeth she has and tell us they look great!  See you in 6 months. $45 later we are thinking Yeah right! ha We wont be taking her in until she can sit in the darn chair and get them cleaned!!  Good experience for her though, and the doctor was VERY sweet to her. She was adorable.
She loves the dentist already

Doc looking at her teeth.
She got to pick out a prize too! - She picked a baseball whistle (I later threw away- mean mommy)

Date Night

The beautiful temple- shot on the way to dinner:)
On the way to dinner also

At the river- the temple is behind us- just too dark outside to see.
Kinlee was a little upset about the driving home part!

Kevin and I haven't really gone on many dates by ourselves since Kinlee was born 16 months ago.... and in our temple sealing our sealer told us to go on dates, and even when we have kids to make time to go as a couple and do it frequently. We haven't been so great at it, but we finally found a day to get out.  We drove up to Idaho Falls and our original plan was to go to the temple, dinner, AND movie- but I was feeling really sick the day before and had some lingering effects that day so we cut out a few things.  Instead, we went to Outback and Reeds Dairy to get brown cows. Then we walked around the river by the temple. It was a great time! Kinlee had such a good time at her grandma's too! 

Thursday, September 16


I don't have any pictures to show or really fun stories to tell, I just want to document Kinlee- so that's what I'm doing!
Today and yesterday I had quite a bit of school work due, so the majority of the day was spent on the computer doing that, while little Kinlee was destroying the house. 
She is so stinkin cute though. 
I love watching her do new things.
For instance. 
She now crawls onto the ottoman and sits and colors a picture. 
She breaks the crayons and says "Uh- Oh" and throws it on the floor.  
She couldn't get out the raisens from the box, so instead of asking for help, 
she takes the box and shakes it and bangs it all over the place to get them out. 
When she has eaten something and dropped a piece
gus(our dog) runs over to eat it for her and she YELLS at the top of her lungs "NO NO NO NO GUS!"
She is still petrified of the vacuum.
I wanted to take a picture of her, 
she ran up to me and kept saying "cheese" "cheese"- but the batteries were gone. Dang.
She grabs the keys and comes and gives me a kiss and says bye bye. Love you.

Today, that all happened.  LOVE HER!

Tuesday, September 14


Today I was searching through some blogs and I stumbled across an amazing one.  This sweet family in Rigby, ID lost their little girl in July and it is such an inspiration the posts they have made, and the testimonies they have shared.

As I sat here BAWLING my eyes out- even still- I just cant help but think of my sweet little Kinlee and how hard it would be to lose her. I cannot even tell you how this blog has made me realize how important it is for me to blog and document all of the little things Kinlee does each day.I have so many emotions running through my head right now, I hope that I can get it all out.

I can relate to this family so well, even though I dont know them. They had been engaged in May 2007- Kevin and I June 2007.  Married that same year- them Aug, us Dec.- They had a baby girl in Feb 2009 (I believe feb), us a baby girl May 2009- Both in school, and our age. This really made me think about how life can just be so short. We dont know what Heavenly Father has in store for us, but we know that no matter what it is, it is to make us better. That is what the Lord intends for us, and it is up to us to decide whether to make ourselves better from it, or be hateful and angry with the Lord for giving us such a trial. This family has definitely been so greatful for such an awful thing, it is a true testimony of the love the Lord has for us. They just kept saying how much the lord has blessed them- never angry at the Lord for what he has taken from them. Truly inspirational.

I have been so busy with school work lately that I have forgotten what it is like to just sit and play with Kinlee. I have SO much to do today, but all that I can think about is how much I want to play with her, and rock her to bed, and just hold her in my arms. So I think I will:)

As I am writing this, Kinlee is on my back biting me, and all I can think of is how much I would miss that, instead of getting mad at her. I hope that I can remember this every day as she is pulling trash out of the garbage and throwing it all over, or taking things and throwing them at my computer screen. Or biting me, or hitting me, or throwing fits in the store.....

I am going try my hardest to be the best Mother I can, and help Kinlee to grow up knowing how much she is loved.

If you would like to read that amazing story, the blog is

Friday, September 10


Kinlee has decided to grow up in less than a week and learn to do everything on her own.  She has been having a lot of alone time because of her neglectful mother doing homework 24/7.  The hardest thing I think I will ever have to do- spend less time with her and more on stinkin school work. But...i remind myself it will be worth it in the end!!!  

She has become such a mocking bird. She says so many things now. When she talks on the phone to her dad, she carries on a real conversation. Saying yes nodding her head, saying no shaking her head. Saying love you and kisses at the end. Cutest thing EVER to watch. Her newest words include Ouch, Nooooo, Please, Kitty, Doggy, and animal sounds. When she doesn't want to do something (like go to bed) she says Mom OUCH!! NOOOO!  It kills me every time. 

She is getting so funny too. She dances ALL the time- and when people are over to our house she is such a show off! She runs in circles and dances and runs away and just acts silly.

She acts like a dog. All the time- on all 4s walking through the house barking like a dog. Very cute.

She carries her doll around everywhere with her. She likes to tuck her into a "blanket".  Her blankets include hand towels, daddy's shirts, her clothes, and even pillows. Whatever she can find she uses. Another cute thing. 

She now is obsessed with the T.V. (not a good thing- another sign of neglectful mom) But LOVES sesame street and Curious George. Loves watching movies too- Finding Nemo and Ice Age are her favorites. 

She can now open doors...AHHHHH- and loves to get into our pantry and pull everything out, or the shoe closet and pull our shoes out. She has always been a shoe girl! :) 

Well, I guess that's all for now- We just love our Kinlee- She just turned 16 months!!  Where has the time gone!