Friday, February 4

Fourth on my list

#4 Thing is how sincerely sweet he is. I can honestly say I have never met a more caring person. He things of others non stop. Never is concerned about what HE is going to have for lunch. He is concerned about what Kinlee or I are having. He will come home sometimes and make OUR lunches before he makes his with his hour long lunch break. (I realize I should have lunch ready for him, but I don't get done with school until 1:00- excuses excuses I know) 

Seriously, though, I am so lucky to have him as my hubby. He is not like most husbands, he doesn't do what husbands are supposed to do. He is so darn sweet. 
He leaves me notes. Like today for instance, he left me a note that said "Good luck. I love you." Because I had a test this morning I was really nervous about. 
He scrapes my windows in the morning, and shovels me a walkway to my car. 
He switches my parking pass every time we switch cars, I would totally forget to do that if it weren't for him. He packs the bag for Sunday at church for Kinlee. 
He changes more diapers than I do. 
......the list could go on FOREVER.......

Ok, but now I am getting into more than I should. I am giving away how much I DONT do. He is amazing. 
(this is a cell phone pic- no judging)
This is while we were still dating!