Monday, July 20


Well, as you can tell the posts are getting further and further spaced apart. For my fans...i will work on that :). I am constantly reminded that I need to update the blog...but just haven't. So, I have a new goal....I'm going to get all caught up within a few days (cross my fingers) and then I will blog at least once a week unless more is needed. So, while I'm gathering the pictures and everything I need to blog about ( which is a LOT) I will let you know of some FABULOUS finds I made at Walgreens.
This is all stuff that we use, I would have bought it eventually anyways...
I got all this for just $10.10
not on sale and no coupons it would have costed $48.37

7 -2 pack gel ink pens
6- blistex medicated lip balm
3- dawn dish soap
2- combos
2- 10 pack ballpoint pens
1- Skirt to wear over my swimming suit

More to come soon....