Thursday, September 16


I don't have any pictures to show or really fun stories to tell, I just want to document Kinlee- so that's what I'm doing!
Today and yesterday I had quite a bit of school work due, so the majority of the day was spent on the computer doing that, while little Kinlee was destroying the house. 
She is so stinkin cute though. 
I love watching her do new things.
For instance. 
She now crawls onto the ottoman and sits and colors a picture. 
She breaks the crayons and says "Uh- Oh" and throws it on the floor.  
She couldn't get out the raisens from the box, so instead of asking for help, 
she takes the box and shakes it and bangs it all over the place to get them out. 
When she has eaten something and dropped a piece
gus(our dog) runs over to eat it for her and she YELLS at the top of her lungs "NO NO NO NO GUS!"
She is still petrified of the vacuum.
I wanted to take a picture of her, 
she ran up to me and kept saying "cheese" "cheese"- but the batteries were gone. Dang.
She grabs the keys and comes and gives me a kiss and says bye bye. Love you.

Today, that all happened.  LOVE HER!