Saturday, June 12

Memorial Day weekend

Kevin Kinlee and I decided to take a little trip during the memorial day weekend.  Obviously I am the worst at pictures, but I will just tell about it :) We couldn't figure out where we wanted to go, so the night before at about midnight we got online and chose Park City.  We have some friends that were leaving about the same time as us to go to we were about to split, when they decided to come with us!  It was quite fun.  We drove to Salt Lake where my sister lives and went to Cafe Rio for dinner with her.  Then, we drove from there to Park City.  It is gorgeous!!  We had never been there before so it was a totally new experience.  

We went to our hotel, which was so awesome!  We liked it, it was a log cabin hotel. We didn't have any plans for this trip, we just wanted to get away for a while.  We had gotten there fairly late, so we just tried to go to bed.  But Kinlee had big plans.  She would NOTTT go to sleep, so we sat out in the lobby and played cards for a while.  Finally I was able to get her to sleep and we continued playing cards for a bit and started singing we got in trouble by the hotel :( It was hilarious though.  The next day Kinlee would not stay asleep for long, so about 6AM her and I went for a drive around the city. It was cool to see all the houses.  They are so close to each other on the side of a mountain so they are tall and skinny and multicolored. 

Then we went SHOPPING...  Wow there is the best outlet mall there.  We shopped at Carters, Osh Kosh', The childrens place, Old Navy, Kitchen gadgets store, and tons of other places.  We shopped all day!  Then when the day was over we stayed one more night and woke up and just drove around.  The cool things we saw were like 10 different ski resorts within about 10 miles. There is also an Olympic park where we saw where the Olympics were when in Salt Lake City. We drove home and went and got our little pup from Idaho Falls and came home to bed.  It was awesome.  We want to live there one day!