Tuesday, July 21

Better Late than Never.....

I wasn't able to gather many photos other than just a few, so hopefully this wont bore you to death.

I think that the first thing I need to fill everyone in on is Kinlee's beautiful blessing day. Kevin was able to give her blessing and it was so precious. He makes such a great daddy. We were shown SOOO much support and we really appreciate everyone who was able to make it. It was super fun to have everyone at our house for dinner and it was the first time we had all of our families together at once. It was great. Kinlee looked SOOO beautiful. She wore a dress that my mom and I bought. (THANKS MOM) We went looking somewhere south of Salt Lake City where my uncle lives, and the first shop we went to we found exactly what we were looking for. It will be a dress I can use for all my little girls as they come :).