Wednesday, May 23


Kinlee has really started to impress us with her knowledge!  She drew this picture of Kevin a month or 2 before she turned 3.


1st Camping trip of the season was during spring break.  We decided to give camping a try because it was supposed to be a good weekend.  We got up the mountain and it was all closed off because it hadn't been opened for the season, and wouldn't be for a couple months. We ended up finding a little spot right off the side of the road to park and camp for the night.  It was a blast. Very low key, and just the 3 of us.  We went on short hikes, built a snowman, and made the tiniest little fire to cook our hotdogs (tiny because the wind was crazy and we didn't want to start a forest fire)  We woke up to snow, and left in mid afternoon.  It was a great time and we cant wait to go more!!

Monster trucks

Monster trucks are a tradition in my family. My dad always took us to the show and now Kevin and I have the privilege of taking Kinlee!  We weren't going to go this year because last year was super bad. It took way too long, and it was boring. But Kinlee asked to go.  Kevin and Kinlee had been in IF all day and were on their way home when she asked, so I ran to Vickers to get tickets and we headed right out!  I'm glad we went!  Kinlee had a great time, and we kept our tradition alive;)

Nick's Wedding!!

March 15th-  Nick got married!  It was a great time.
Not that it is really important for anyone else, but I would to remember:) Sad to have a family split, but I am excited for his new life, and for him to be Happy!  Nikki and Nick were married in Inkom, ID.  We were seeing Nick every weekend for a long while, which we LOVED!  Now, I haven't seen him since.  Hopefully we will see him again after the honeymoon is over and they can stop mack-in on each-other. I love the time we spend with family. Any excuse to get together is a good one! Such fun times.