Thursday, February 3


#3 Reason why I love my hubby! He gets so mad when I torment him. Like if I tickle him or pinch him, ya know the whole flirty stuff you used to do when you were dating stuff. 
He HATES it. 
More than anything. 
Its hilarious when I do because he pushes me away like I was so mean to him. Okay, maybe not EVERY time, but most of the time he freaks. Its so fun to tease him!! :)
Oh yeah, and lastly he always acts like he is going to puke when I have tickled him too long.
He just barely did that exact thing. BAHAHAHA
All the pictures of us on "casual" days are horrible. But that's why I'm having fun posting them. Because they aren't things I would normally want people to see. haha. 
This is from a date night a few months ago when we went walking around the temple.