Thursday, November 4

Grateful Challenge

"When we give thanks in all things, we see hardships and adversities in the context of the purpose of life."
- Dallin H. Oaks.

I have often wondered how so many people can feel so grateful after a very hard challenge. I know of 2 right off the bat that have touched me personally. The first, being Patrick And Ashley Sullenger. I dont know them, but they have touched me. I hope that one day I can bless as many lives as they have through their adversities. Since Thanksgiving is coming soon, I find it appropriate to find all of the things that I am greatful for. I often get too caught up in every day activities, and forget how blessed I am for all the "things" and people I have in my life.

I will attempt to update every day leading up to Thanksgiving. I will post something each day that I am thankful for. You are welcome to join along with me to do this yourself!! 

Day 1: I am grateful for the Gospel