Monday, August 5


This is going to be a huge shocker, but here I am posting on my blog!!  WHAA??  You may ask what has gotten into me.....well nothing- just bored and feeling a little behind.  I really don't think it is necessary to bore everyone with the things that are way in the past, so I am warning you now....this post is going to be full of OLD "JUNK"! (Junk is Kinlee's most favorite word to use currently)

Lets go back.....Way Back.....Back into time...(really only a few months..)

Fall 2012
Spent my days and nights concentrating on SCHOOL...I truly dont think I have a single picture from this time period.....sad.

To start off..... In MAY 2013 I graduated from ISU with a Bachelors of Science in Dental Hygiene.
I absolutely could not have done it without my amazing support group.  Kevin is beyond amazing and I dont deserve him, but he helped in every way possible.  My family and friends were so great to me and always lent a hand when I needed them.  They were all my patients, which is the most help I could have asked for. I love them all dearly.  My friends became so dear to me....I really enjoyed being with all om my class, but most of all The Fab 5 ROCKS!  I sure love those girls. 

My mom threw me a killer graduation party too!  I dont know why I didn't get a single picture of it, but it was decorated awesomely and tons of people who I love and care about came to support me.  I am so grateful for everyone I have in my life to carry me through my trying times.  I love them.