Friday, June 4

Picture overload.

So I decided that I wanted to document Kinlee's 1st year, So I made her a little book she can look back on her 1st year and I have great intentions on doing it for every year. This starts from basically the most recent pictures down to when she was first born pictures.  I cant figure out how to get an exact order, so its as good as its going to get.  We love our Kinlee so much, she has been such a blessing in our lives.  We couldn't imagine life without her.  At a year old here are her measurements.
Weight:  18lbs 13oz
Height: 29 inches!
Head circumference: 17 1/2 
She is still pretty little, but she is getting SOOO big now with all the big girl food she eats and absolutely NO bottles or baby food.  A couple big things she does:
1.  She has 8 full in teeth and 2 molars that have come through and are about half way in.
2. Her favorite things include reading books, hanging with her cousins, and watching PBS :)
3.  She is perfect on walks and from the time she was little is calmed by the outside.
4. She goes to sleep at 9 (give or take)
5.  Wakes up around 10 AM (good sleeper)
6. She takes one nap and its never consistent, usually 1 to 2 hours.
7.  She LOVES dancing to music.
8.  Favorite words:  Momma, dadda, gus gus, woof woof, peek a boo, i want some, more( in sign language), thank you,  and uh-oh.
*she has said many other words here and there, but these are the ones she says all the time.
9. Favorite food:  Bananas and chicken nuggets.
10. She walks like a pro...basically runs everywhere.