Monday, February 2

The Kitchen

This is the work in progress, as we were painting.

With the flood this last summer we were forced to do an upgrade/ remodel in our kitchen. Luckily our insurance was kind enough to step in and help :). All the cabinets are new along with the counter top, sink, and facet. We decided we also wanted to give the house a bunch of color. I will get some pictures of our other rooms up here at some point, but the kitchen we painted this great red color. We love it! Kevin always ends up doing most of the work because of a few reasons:
1) the fumes in general
2) I get frustrated when things go wrong
3) He doesn't want me climbing a ladder
4) He does a great job!!
haha. So really we can thank Kevin for this great kitchen!!


jess said...

Very cute you guys! I love the red kitchen! Welcome to the blog life:)

Sheila and Jackson Fish said...

I love blogs!! I also love your guys' kitchen.. you will definitely have to give us some pointers when we finally get around to finishing ours.. yea!!