Sunday, March 22

The Mustang is SOLD!! and GONE

Well after many requests for us to update our blog (all of which coming from Cole Bebee), here are a few things we have been working on.

First of all, we sold the Mustang........ It was time to get a family car for Kev. Here's a pic of me (kev) pretending to take it for one last drive.And then here's a picture of me with all the cash! Somewhat Happy again!

And now it's time to find a new car.......


Mike and Kaci said...

I love the feeling of holding lots of money!! You should have thrown it all over the livi8ng room and rolled in it! That is what I would have done if we didn't have a boxer that would eat it all.

Cole and Jenn said...

It would be nice to have all that money in my hand but there is no chance that will ever happen. Thanks for updating your Blog its nice to see the projects you do.