Tuesday, January 5

2009 in Review.

Found out the little bun in the oven was a girl.


Bought tons of stuff for mini us

Re-did our Kitchen and other areas of the house from the flood.

Kevin sold his beloved Mustang :)

and then we bought this baby.....
Kinlee and I (Kinlee being in the belly:) went with my mom and brother to Portland to see the Sis. bro in law, and baby in uteri.

Our little monkey was born!!! YAY! 7lbs 2oz 21in. What a cutie!


We blessed little Kinlee.
Kevin's dad came from North Carolina to visit.
Kevin's Grandma and Grandpa came to visit from Washington DC.
Kinlee and I visited Jackson and craters of the moon.


I started becoming a coupon-er!! I love it! If you ever want to learn just ask. Saves us TONS!! Plus, we have a good stock pile of storage!

We went to McCall for a Family Reunion....It might have been in July too... so this
I guess is for both m
onths :)
We went there for a family reunion- On our way, w
e stayed in a Walmart parking lot. And then we stayed at a sweet cabin and went to the lake with our new boat every day :)

Baby Liam Brady was born!!! SO CUTE!

Also, my sister Whitney and I flew out to see them....Ill have to get pictures from her because of course I didn't take pictures (I suck at this)

Kinlee's first Halloween!!! We had such a good time, and Kinlee was the cutest Skunk ever!!
Liam was blessed in Utah, so all of us could be there. Here are all the cousins.
This little cutie turned 23!!!
We had a great Thanksgiving at my mommy and daddy's house!!
(No pics from it cuz im LAME)
And I turned 22!!!!

We had lots of adventures in December, that will be a post of itself, but this was Kinlee's FIRST christmas!! She didn't mind at all sitting on some strange man with a giant beard.

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