Thursday, January 7

New Year Goals

A little late, but I decided I would write down all my new years goals so that I don't forget them throughout the year! Also, I'm going to try my hardest to update on here how I'm doing with these goals....I have a TON but I chose the most important.
1- Teach Kinlee the best I can- spend as much time as possible cherishing every little thing she does.
2- Sign up for school (GET A's OF COURSE)
3- Make a new friend.
4- Call the friends I have more- and make time to do things with them.
5- Be a better wife by cleaning the house and cooking more.
6- Eat healthier and Lose weight DUH (dont we all have that goal)
7- Watch less TV
8- Learn to sew
9- Send cards for Birthday's and Special Occasions as well as thank yous for nice gestures.
10- Do my callings to the best of my ability.

That is what I narrowed it down to, and I'm hoping to accomplish them! Wish me luck!

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