Sunday, March 28

72 Hour kit

YES....I feel like I really need to get organized and get a 72 hour kit going.  
My friend reminded me that we will have a need for them sooner than later, so its time!
If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know what you put in YOURS!!!


Cami Jo said...

Lots of BABY WIPES!!! So useful for so many things!!!!!

BEARD said...

Hey Kambree, sorry I just saw your comment on our blog. Ya we are still in the ward, my boys have been so so sick with croup and with the flu the past few weeks and we have also been out of town a lot. Hopefully I can get my boys over this sickness soon, it's been a hard winter for them. Hopefully we see ya this coming Sunday! Take care and talk to ya soon
By the way, your little girl is adorable!! TOO CUTE