Friday, June 11

May 5th 2010

Kinlee had such a great turn out for her 1st Birthday party!  So many friends and family members came to celebrate with us.  Kinlee's aunts were such a great help with the party decorating and food.  So thanks to my sisters!!!  Kinlee looks adorable in her cute little tutu and bow.  Kinlee's cake was made by a very sweet lady who is a professional cake maker. The pinata was made by us, it was a pull string pinata.  I will have to post the video.  This was Kinlee's first time with sweets, and she ate a ton of her frosting on her cake.  She loved it!  I cant believe that Kinlee is such a big girl.  She was spoiled rotten and received WAY too many gifts. Her family and friends love her so much!!   

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