Wednesday, June 16

Kinlees 2nd "1st Birthday"!!!

Kevin's grandparents are so great to us every year they come.  We are so lucky to have them here right now. They have been here for a little over a week and will be leaving in a little over a week from now.  Since they weren't able to be here for Kinlee's 1st Easter and/or her 1st Birthday they decided to celebrate with her now that they are here.  So, we had a very nice birthday party with Kinlee and an Easter egg hunt! We love our little munchkin and we are blessed that we have such great people to influence her and love her so much.

Kinlee's cake with a little rocking horse on top.  They spelled her name wrong- "Kintee"- why would your name be Kintee?  But, it was an easy fix... just scraped the frosting off and turned it in to Kinlee!
 Kinlee is making another one year old wish.
She found her easter eggs hidden and each one had a fruit snack in it, she would eat the fruit snack and throw the egg down and move right on to the next egg and do the same thing, until they were gone, and she went back through all the eggs to be sure she didn't miss any.
 She was in the middle of saying "Oh Wow"- her most used phrase.  She just looks so cute.
 She always makes that her "fort"  so she placed her baby down in it.......
 ......and then sat down with her!
 Trying on the dolls shoes...they wont fit.

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