Friday, September 24


Kinlee went to the dentist for the first time. I must say we paid WAY too much.  We thought since she has had so many teeth since 6 months old that we should get her in to be seen and get them cleaned so she doesn't get tartar build-up.  We took her in and it literally took 15 seconds for the doctor to look in her mouth, and chart which teeth she has and tell us they look great!  See you in 6 months. $45 later we are thinking Yeah right! ha We wont be taking her in until she can sit in the darn chair and get them cleaned!!  Good experience for her though, and the doctor was VERY sweet to her. She was adorable.
She loves the dentist already

Doc looking at her teeth.
She got to pick out a prize too! - She picked a baseball whistle (I later threw away- mean mommy)

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Chelsie Brady said...

Oh my heck! I feel like I won the lottery. I hadn't checked your blog for a while because, well, there hasn't been anything new for so long. I decided to just click it today. I got such a great surprise! 5 new posts?! Awesome! Love that girl. Love you guys.