Thursday, February 10


I received a letter from the ISU Dental Hygiene school, and I am among the top 50 applicants. 
Really, its not that great- but I am one step closer to getting into the program!
I get to go for an interview and critical reasoning test on March 4th. 
Final 26 (ish) will be notified by April 1st!
I. am. so. excited!! 
I am sooo nervous!  
What am I going to wear?! What am I going to say? How am I going to prepare?? 
Gosh, I just wish that I was in the program already!!!  
 I'm so ready for 21 credits the first semester.
I am so ready to eat sleep and think about teeth.
I'm so ready to have ZERO life.
I mean, who wouldn't be?

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