Tuesday, March 29

The new TOY!!

WE are proud to introduce the newest member of our household.....we finally purchased our dream house!!!  We couldn't be more excited to travel with her, fix her up, and most importantly spend time together in her!!  
Time to introduce the beauty........

1982 Prowler lite
Fully loaded
Heater, fridge, bathroom....the whole works.
The roof leaks....we are working on that.
What do you think we should name her?
A couple names we have picked:
Vacation home, home away from home, dream house....help us out...what do you think??

You can bet we will be up scout mountain every weekend!!

1 comment:

sam and kyrsten said...

I LOOOOOOOVE it! :) homes away from home are THE BEST! glad you guys have a nice little somethin' to fix up and make memories in! Awesome Awesome!