Friday, September 10


Kinlee has decided to grow up in less than a week and learn to do everything on her own.  She has been having a lot of alone time because of her neglectful mother doing homework 24/7.  The hardest thing I think I will ever have to do- spend less time with her and more on stinkin school work. But...i remind myself it will be worth it in the end!!!  

She has become such a mocking bird. She says so many things now. When she talks on the phone to her dad, she carries on a real conversation. Saying yes nodding her head, saying no shaking her head. Saying love you and kisses at the end. Cutest thing EVER to watch. Her newest words include Ouch, Nooooo, Please, Kitty, Doggy, and animal sounds. When she doesn't want to do something (like go to bed) she says Mom OUCH!! NOOOO!  It kills me every time. 

She is getting so funny too. She dances ALL the time- and when people are over to our house she is such a show off! She runs in circles and dances and runs away and just acts silly.

She acts like a dog. All the time- on all 4s walking through the house barking like a dog. Very cute.

She carries her doll around everywhere with her. She likes to tuck her into a "blanket".  Her blankets include hand towels, daddy's shirts, her clothes, and even pillows. Whatever she can find she uses. Another cute thing. 

She now is obsessed with the T.V. (not a good thing- another sign of neglectful mom) But LOVES sesame street and Curious George. Loves watching movies too- Finding Nemo and Ice Age are her favorites. 

She can now open doors...AHHHHH- and loves to get into our pantry and pull everything out, or the shoe closet and pull our shoes out. She has always been a shoe girl! :) 

Well, I guess that's all for now- We just love our Kinlee- She just turned 16 months!!  Where has the time gone!

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