Friday, December 10


My grandpa is such a great guy. From the time I was a little girl I was always his little sweetheart. He liked me the best of all the grand kids ;) At least I thought so anyways. When I got married he thought he lost his little sweetheart, but I didn't think so- I always thought of him as one of my best friends. When I had Kinlee he has been hooked on her bright blue eyes. He then called her his sweetheart as with the other grand babies. He has long been my only grandpa and I cant believe how fast it can all be taken away from us. He has still got a little of time left- he is in the hospital right now not doing so great, but I hope he knows how much we love him and we are thinking of him. I want him so badly to pull through so that I can show him how much he means to us. We have been so caught up in our own lives that we haven't been over to visit him for almost a year. How pathetic is that to my one and only Grandpa whom I love so much. Grandpa has always taught me so much. He tells 3 hour stories about how to use a telephone, or reads every traffic sign to us all across the state on the longest drive to the coast. He makes sure that we know how HE wants something done. Grandpa would always just show up to our houses just to say hi when he was out. Even IF he had serious leg problems. Grandpa always wanted home-made jam from our apricot tree. He loved it. Too bad this year we didn't get our apricots or we would have had a reason to go see him. I wish I had just 2 minutes left to tell him how special he is to me. 
Please, Please, Please let him pull through.

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