Monday, December 6


We had an awesome time in FLORIDA over Thanksgiving. Here are some pics from the trip!

This last one is funny because we tried so hard to get a good picture of us under water with my new waterproof camera, but we couldn't get it in time!!!
We went shopping.
We went fishing! (twice- it was too fun the first time to not go again)
Kinlee caught a fish.
Kevin caught several fish.
I caught 2 fish. 
We celebrated Opa's 79th birthday!
We relaxed. :)
Went couponing.
Kinlee got MAJOR spoiled. 
We went on walks every night around the block to try to get Kinlee to sleep.
Kinlee slept in a big girl bed and woke up early.
The flight was long, but Kinlee did awesome.
Alan gave Kevin and I birthday presents- Joey Logano hats....SIGNED!
We went to the beach. Kinlee had a ball.
We went to Saratoga Jungle gardens where we got to see up close animals and watch silly little shows that were educational and fun.
We ate tons of awesome food- but didn't go out even once to a restaurant.
(Oh how I love people who can cook)
We went swimming in Oma and Opa's pool.

We had Thanksgiving with Alan, Angie, Derek, Oma, Opa, Corey, Wilfred and Ushie ( From Germany- I dont know how to spell her name for real) Aunt Joan, and Howard and his wife. (Also from Germany)
Such a fun time! Cant wait to go again!

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