Friday, January 7

New Years!

New Years eve, Kevin had the day off, so we hopped in the car and drove to Utah. 
Kind-of funny, we took a cooler and sandwiches and you would think I was either pregnant or an old lady, because we literally stopped every exit. 
Inkom we stopped at the automotive shop to get new windshield wipers. 
We stopped in McCammon to go to the potty, 
we stopped at the rest area by Malad to go potty, 
we stopped in Layton to shop and go potty.
Finally, we stopped at the temple. Oh boy it was great. 
Some pictures: 
(Kinlee was asleep for almost all of it)


Next, we went to my aunt and uncle's in American Fork, UT and stayed a couple nights. 
THANKS for letting us stay guys.
We ate lots of food.
Stayed up late.
Watched the office.
Played the Kinect on the x-box.
I will leave you with some fabulous dance pics.

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