Tuesday, February 8

Four times Two

Coming up with creative names for these posts is a real challenge. ;) 

#8 Reason is that he doesn't make me feel like a bad wife when dinner isn't made and the house isn't cleaned. Instead, he just asks what we want for dinner, or starts picking up. I'm not sure if that is a passive-aggressive way of telling me that I need to get on it, but I doubt it. He does it, it makes me want to get on it, and it gets done. Even though I know it should be done, and I am getting better at that, he never has made me feel like he thinks I should have it done. I appreciate that, and it really motivates me to be better at it.
While we were dating again. (it's another cell phone pic)


Amy said...

Your blog is the first one I've seen our blog button used on. Thanks so much for supporting us. It was exciting to see it there.
Love Amy

Mike and Kaci said...

Oh goodness! Kevin looks so super young in that one!!