Wednesday, February 9


#9 Reason I love my man is that he supports me in whatever it is I want to do or accomplish. No matter how dumb he thinks it is. Like for instance, when I started couponing, he HATED it, but he still supported me in doing it (of course now he thinks its the best thing ever;) 
Another example is when those bead watches were really in style, so of course I want to get all the beads I can, and make them all the time, and give them as gifts, and buy buy buy. Well, this one he kept telling me, this is a fad that you are just going through, but thats ok, you can do it, it just wont last long. He was right, it didn't last long, but it was fun while it lasted because he supported me in it.
Another example is when I started crafting, with my moms Cricut. I kept saying how cool it would be to have one, even though I was only using it maybe once a month, he still bought one for me, and continues to buy me things that go to it. 
It is just really sweet that no matter my ambitions, he supports me. 
He supports me financially, and emotionally. 
He makes me feel like whatever it is I am wanting to do is worth while and that he is proud of me. I love it.
When we were dating, I'm actually pretty sure this is the night we got engaged, but B4 the engagement.

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