Wednesday, January 4

Dental Hygiene School

I haven't really blogged about school yet, because I really don't know what to say about it.  
It is really hard.
It is time consuming.
It is interesting.
It is challenging.
It is serious.
It is rewarding.
It is an honor to be in such a program.
It is of course is helping me learn so much!
I have really been blessed in so many ways.  I am able to leave Kinlee all day 5 days a week and she is a champ about it.  She learns so much each day too, and it is a great program for her. She gets a well balanced and nutritious meals each day, she learns to play with children her age, she does crafts, takes naps, and she has so much fun. I am blessed that I have a mind that is able to learn. That totally seems silly, but I feel fortunate that I am able to be taught.  I cant wait to implement the things that I have learned and help educate patients and "clean their teeth".  I am loving what I am doing, even if it is taking every moment of every day to accomplish it!!  

1 semester down and 3 to go! WOO!! 

Pics from the semester...

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